Dear Friend,


We are so pleased to meet you. Let us introduce ourselves – we are your Young Adult Outreach Team! Earlier this year, the BMCM poured itself into developing a strategic plan for the next 100 years. Their goal? For Easwaran’s legacy to grow and thrive, in a word which needs it so much. The BMCM unanimously agreed that the top priority should be outreach to young adults (YAs) and thus, the YA Outreach Team was born. We are not only passage meditators, but also YAs ourselves, so we know first-hand what benefits and positive influences passage meditation gives young people.

We have been tasked by the BMCM to spread Easwaran’s message among young adults (YAs) in their late teens, 20s and 30s. Why YAs? Young adults have always held a special place in Easwaran’s heart.  He saw what great potential young people have to contribute to the world – “each of you is gifted in a special way” – and how much meditation would help them realize their full potential:

Meditation is the greatest challenge on earth. That's why it appeals to young people. It brings limitless benefits: you can learn to thrive on stress, build rich relationships, transform anger, release deeper resources, make yourself equal to any situation. You can make your whole life a work of art.

We are creating resources for the full range of YAs, from newcomers trying out passage meditation through to long-time meditators who have graduated from the YA programs into family life and beyond. We are helping the BMCM share Easwaran’s teachings in a fresh way, appealing to all ages and cultures in our modern world.

With the help of the wider BMCM community (this means you!) we are continuing Easwaran’s work planting seeds for a “spiritual renaissance”:

Just as there was a cultural renaissance in the West several centuries ago, the world needs a spiritual renaissance today. It can be brought about only by little people like us: every man, every woman, every child, changing their personality from selfish to selfless, from human to divine.

As Easwaran said, this will require effort from all of us YAs and… not-as-young adults! Read on to see exactly how you can help.

Your role: YAs usually hear about passage meditation from someone like you! You might be a neighbor, aunt, uncle, parent, sibling, mentor, or friend of a young person, and so you are crucial to our outreach efforts.

Explore the new YA resources: Share these with YAs (or anyone!)

1.)   YA Blog: (actually a great resource for all ages). This is the website you are on now, and it has...

  • New content each week: posts from YAs all over the world with tips, stories, and photos of what a passage meditation practice looks like in the context of their modern lifestyle.
  • An FAQ section
  • A Getting Started page with links to free resources

How to use it:

  • Bookmark it, visit it often, subscribe to receive email updates on new posts (you can do this on the right-hand sidebar here)
  • Explore the content yourself using the headers at the top of the page
  • Add your comments to the blog posts!
  • Send the link to your friends, both young and not-so-young!

2.)   YA Outreach flyers – see the Summer Program flyer here, and the November YA Retreat flyer here. Feel free to download and print or email!

Keep in touch: We would love to have you join us in the BMCM’s number one strategic priority. Our success depends on our combined efforts. Please spread the word about these offerings, and get in touch with us if you have any comments, feedback, or ideas:


Your YA Outreach Team