YA Book Recommendations

While helping out at a BMCM event this past Saturday, one YA asked for book recommendations.

While helping out at a BMCM event this past Saturday, one YA asked for book recommendations.

This past weekend, members of the YA Blog Team were able to hang out with YAs from all over North America. While we were together, a friend asked "What Easwaran book is your favorite, and what book would you recommend to a YA?" What a GREAT question! Our conversation on Saturday was brief, and we thought this was the perfect question to bring to the wider YA community.

One of the first answers to come up over the weekend was Essence of the Upanishads  (formerly Dialogue with Death).  We even have proof on the blog in Gary's post and Lisa's post both of whom mention being struck by Easwaran's writings on "training the will." This book is based on talks Easwaran gave to YAs in the 1970s on the Katha Upanishad, and we think it's just perfect for YAs.

The other book that was immediately nominated (outside of Passage Meditation, of course) was Conquest of Mind . Our consensus on Saturday was that Conquest of Mind is a great choice because it neatly lays out how the practice of passage meditation and the eight points can positively impact your day-to-day life in ways small and large!

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Well, thank goodness for this question because it reminded us about a special deal the BMCM has on these books. The "Shaping Your Life Collection" is a special deal offering Essence of the Upanishads, Conquest of Mind, and Gandhi the Man all for less than $40. Plus, the special includes a free mp3 talk by Easwaran on the life of Gandhi. (Of course, Gandhi is an obvious choice for YA audiences. We've already seen how Gandhi impacted Jan and Easwaran!)

We'd love to hear your book recommendations in the comments below. Please share your answers to either or both of these questions: 

  1. What is your favorite Easwaran book and why?
  2. What book would you recommend specifically to a YA and why? 

Even if your answers are the same as what we thought of, share your thoughts on why – we'd love to hear from you!