A Passage for December


In the comments for last month's passage, one YA mentioned meditating on passages based on source, specifically mentioning Swami Ramdas. Here at YA Blog Headquarters in Northern California, that comment led us to get reacquainted with "The Central Truth" by Swami Ramdas, a short passage that is packed with amazing lines.

We'd like to invite you to add it to your meditation this month and to do some study of the passage (outside of meditation, of course). Usually when we study passages at retreats we consider two questions:

  1. What line in this passage particularly speaks to you?
  2. If you meditate on this passage, what type of qualities would it help you develop?

We'd love to hear from you in the comments below – share your answers to these questions, and any other thoughts you might have on this passage!

The Central Truth – Swami Ramdas

Forget not the central truth that God is seated in your own heart. Don't be disheartened by failures at initial stages. Cultivate the spirit of surrender to the workings of his will, inside you and outside you, until you have completely surrendered up your ego-sense and have known that he is in all, and he is all, and you and he are one. Be patient. The path of self-discipline that leads to God-realization is not an easy path: obstacles and sufferings are on the path; the latter you must bear, and the former overcome – all by his help. His help comes only through concentration. Repetition of God's name helps concentration.