Easwaran: The Lofty and the Practical

We loved Jan's story last week of "meeting Easwaran online", and it really got us thinking about how YAs can "meet" Easwaran through many types of media. We've shared readings and audio talks from Easwaran on the blog in the past, and this week we're filling in the media gaps with two video clips.

Our YA friends often tell us that they love how Easwaran combines his presentation of lofty ideals with practical day-to-day pointers, sometimes even in the same sentence! We chose the two video clips below thinking about this balance of the lofty and the practical. We really enjoy these clips, and would love to hear your thoughts on them.

In the comments below, share your thoughts!

  • Is there any line or idea in either clip that stands out to you?
  • Is there anything specific about Easwaran's speaking style that resonates with you?
  • Anything else?