A Passage for April

Back in October we looked at a passage that really focused on the mantram. This month, we're interested in passages that support the point slowing down. With busy schedules, and the fast pace of modern life, slowing down can be a real challenge!


One thing that has always helped us in times when we're sped up, is to choose passages that support our efforts to slow down. A YA Team favorite, the passage for April is "The One Thing Needed" by Tukaram. We love how this passage helps shift our priorities from the mundane to the sublime, all in just a few short lines!

We'd love to hear from you too, so share your thoughts in the comments below!

  • Do you have any passages that support your efforts to slow down?
  • Do you have any other slowing-down strategies that you find particularly helpful?

The One Thing Needed – Tukaram

Of what avail this restless hurrying activity?  This heavy weight of earthly duties? Gods purposes stand firm, and thou, his little one, needest one thing alone: Trust in his power, and will, to meet thy need. Thy burden resteth safe on him, and thou, his little one, mayst play securely at his side. This is the sum and substance of it all: God is, God loveth thee, God beareth all thy care.