Eknath Easwaran: The Goal of Life Part 2

In February we shared with you the first half of a talk given by Easwaran in February of 1992 and we’re pleased to be able to share the second half now!


In this talk, Easwaran comments on a Sanskrit verse and offers an extraordinary perspective on human evolution and the goal of life. If we turn inwards, he says, we can all find lasting joy.

You don’t need to have listened to the first half of the talk to enjoy this half, so feel free to start here, though we encourage you to check out both parts if you have time. We’d like to mention again that Easwaran speaks really slowly in this talk. We recommend just giving yourself a few moments to adjust as you listen, but you’ll find by the end that you have slowed down the pace of your mind merely by listening! 

As always we’d love to hear your thoughts on the talk, so please share your comments below.

  • Was there a phrase or portion of the talk that stood out to you?
  • Was there anything specific about your listening experience that you’d like to share?      

Enjoy the talk!