A Passage for May


After memorizing a passage and using it in meditation, it's always gratifying when those passages come to mind during the day, illustrating how much these passages become entwined in our lives. In her post last month, Sara shared a line from the passage "Grieve Not" by Ravidas, and it was a lovely way to show how these texts resonate throughout our lives. After Sara's story, we thought "Grieve Not" would be the perfect passage for May.

We encourage you to add this passage to your rotation this month, and it's nice and short so if you don't know it yet - go for it and memorize!

We'd also love to hear of a time when a passage reflected itself in your daily life. In the comments below, share a story, or a passage, that you have found resonating in your day-to-day life.

Grieve Not – Ravidas

Grieve Not is the name of my town. Pain and fear cannot enter there, free from possessions, free from life’s taxes, free from fear of disease and death.

After much wandering I am come back home where turns not the wheel of time and change, and my Emperor rules, without a second or third, in Abadan, filled with love and wisdom.

The citizens are rich in the wealth of the heart, and they live ever free in the City of God. Listen to Ravidas, just a cobbler: “All who live here are my true friends.”