Shaping Your Life

Last week we mentioned that July has a busy retreat schedule at the BMCM headquarters, and we're thrilled to report that YA activity has really picked up in Tomales, CA with the arrival of the YA Cohorts. This group has been piloting a new six-month program consisting of online workshops and retreats culminating in a weeklong retreat going on right now!


YA Cohorts heading back to the retreat after a game of volleyball.

The cohorts have been bringing up a topic that coincides with a recent discussion going on in our online fellowship group,  the YA eSatsang: work, occupation, and purpose. This topic is standard among YAs (and non-YAs) the world over, and it's popped up again and again over meals and casual conversation this week. It's been interesting to hear YAs identify which Easwaran resources have been helpful, and also how meditation guides them through these questions and changes in life.

We've heard from a couple of YA friends how much Easwaran's talk about spiritual education and right occupation has helped them as they thought about these topics (definitely check out the talk if you haven't already). A few other friends have mentioned Easwaran's books Essence of the Upanishads and Conquest of Mind, two long-time YA favorites.

If you, or a YA friend, are looking for some books on the topic, the "Shaping Your Life Collection" is a special deal offering three books together at 40% off: Essence of the Upanishads, Conquest of Mind, and Gandhi the Man.

Because this topic is so universal, we'd love to get some ideas and inspiration from you! Which of Easwaran's books or talks have been helpful to you as you discern your purpose in life? Which of the eight points do you turn to? Is there a passage that you find useful in this context?