The YA Phone Satsang

One of Easwaran’s eight points is satsang, or spiritual fellowship. Spending time with other meditators, and especially other YAs, can give a boost of enthusiasm and inspiration to go deeper in our practice.

Bay Area YA Satsang event

Bay Area YA Satsang event

There are over 90 in-person satsangs worldwide, including dedicated YA satsangs in Berkeley, California, and Tucson, Arizona. Most YAs live too far away from their nearest satsang to attend regularly though, so the free YA eSatsang is a great option.

Every few months, the YA eSatsang team hosts a YA phone satsang for YAs around the world to discuss an Easwaran reading together. These calls are open for all young adults (late teens, 20s, and 30s) who practice passage meditation regularly. Although many of us have not met in person, we feel greatly supported and inspired by each other, and we warmly welcome people taking part for the first time.

This week we hear from two YAs, Adam from Alameda, California, and Drew from Ann Arbor, Michigan. Adam and Drew share their experiences of participating in the YA phone satsang.


The YA phone satsangs have been an awesome boost for me. Each time I'm amazed to rediscover this community of supportive, enthusiastic young adults all wanting to go deeper in their practice and to help the world. Hearing the other YAs' voices (and also seeing their faces via the optional photo share) makes it so personal for me. I feel connected to something much larger than myself, and supported by the strength and acceptance of the group -- particularly when I've hit a rough patch in my own practice.


For much of the time I've been doing passage meditation I haven't had an in-person satsang to attend, and the YA phone satsangs have been a wonderful resource.  To be able to connect and converse with others doing the same spiritual practice, from all over the world no less, is absolutely wonderful. It's great to be able to talk with other folks of a similar age going through similar life issues in the context of passage meditation.  I always come away with a sense of connection, community, and a renewed enthusiasm for my practice

We would love for you to join us in the next YA phone satsang on Saturday, September 20 at 12–1:15 pm PDT (Pacific Time), when we will discuss a reading from the Spring 2014 Blue Mountain Journal on slowing down. The phone satsang is open to all young adults (late teens, 20s, and 30s) who practice passage meditation regularly. This is free of charge and no preparation is needed. To register, write to Feel free to contact the YA satsang team at that address if you have questions about the phone satsang, or would like to join the group so you find out about future calls. 

If you're not a regular passage meditator, we recommend the free introductory one-hour webinar coming up on October 4th.

We'd also love to hear from you about your satsang experiences! Share your thoughts in the comments below:

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  • Where do you find satsang?