A Passage for January

Happy new year! Here at YA Blog HQ we are so looking forward to all that 2015 is going to offer – from web programs to YA retreats – and we're looking forward to another year of sharing stories from our YA community.


In the spirit of the new year, we've been thinking about small experiments we can do to help strengthen our meditation practice. Examples might be taking a mantram walk twice a week, or not snoozing the alarm before meditation, or memorizing one line of a passage a day. These are all great experiments. We can simply try them, modify them as needed, and see the results!

A regular experiment among the YA Blog Team is to play around with passage rotation. For example, for a while we might meditate on the same sequence of passages, and then change it up by meditating on a set of passages all by the same mystic, and then choose passages that all focus on the mantram. This month we wanted to share Gandhi's passage "The Path." We think this passage sums up this idea of trial and error along the spiritual path and is perfect inspiration for the new year!

We'd love to hear from you! What experiments are you going to try in 2015?

The Path – Mahatma Gandhi

I know the path: it is strait and narrow.
It is like the edge of a sword.
I rejoice to walk on it.
I weep when I slip.
God's word is:
"He who strives never perishes."
I have implicit faith in that promise.
Though, therefore, from my weakness I fail a thousand times,
I shall not lose faith.