Easwaran on the Benefits of Meditation


At the end of this month, on Saturday, October 31st, the BMCM will be holding a free one-hour webinar, “Learn to meditate.” This is the first BMCM webinar which will be held at a time which works for our friends in the Pacific region (as well as any YAs who don’t wake up early) so we hope you’ll sign up: www.easwaran.org/webinar.

In honor of the “Learn to meditate” theme of the upcoming webinar, we’re sharing two audio clips from a published collection of talks by Eknath Easwaran titled “Meditation: A Complete Audio Guide.” What we like about this collection is Easwaran’s practical approach to the basics of meditation, covering everything from the lofty reasons that can draw a person to meditation, to the everyday concerns of time, place, and posture.

Today we’re sharing two excerpts that focus on the benefits of meditation. In the first excerpt, “Introduction,” Easwaran talks about one of our favorite topics – meditation as the greatest and most compelling adventure of our lives. Next, in the aptly named second excerpt, “The Benefits of Meditation,” Easwaran details how meditation positively impacts our daily lives.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on these excerpts – share them in the comments below. We hope you’ll join us for the webinar!