A Special Request: Help Us Re-Imagine the BMCM Website

Tomorrow we'll be back with our regularly scheduled passage of the month, but we wanted to reach out today with a special request.

The BMCM has decided to re-design and re-imagine its website at easwaran.org. To accomplish this, they've developed the Young Adult Communication Team comprised of volunteers and staff YAs with a wide range of nationalities, interests, backgrounds and skills who share a deep passion for passage meditation.

They are hoping to collect input at this early stage to learn more about how to help people find passage meditation for the first time, and to better meet the needs of those already in touch with the BMCM. 

They've designed this survey and would be grateful if you would take 5 minutes to fill it out. You can find the survey here.

We're eager to hear from people outside our current BMCM audience, meditators and non-meditators, YAs and non-YAs!

You can get in touch with the YA Communications Team at young.adults@easwaran.org if you have any questions.

Thank you!