BMCM Webinars: Meditation in a Digital Age

At the end of January, the BMCM held the first of four webinars in 2015. This webinar had 289 registrants from 18 countries ranging from Lithuania to Mauritius to Bolivia. We've been thrilled to see that our webinars are able to offer support to international meditators.

Here are some other interesting statistics about the registrants:

  • 45% were new to passage meditation
  • 16% found out about it from a friend, 14% from Facebook, and 31% from
  • 14% were YAs, from 9 countries

More and more people are turning to digital resources and we're thrilled about this continuing BMCM offering!


This is the third webinar hosted by the BMCM and each time we learn so much both about the technology and the curriculum. 

On the technology side, we're continually experimenting with our cameras and microphones and are amazed at the options out there -- and the difference they make! On the curriculum side, last year there were just two presenters. In our most recent webinar, we experimented with adding a host, who asked questions to draw the presenters out in a more spontaneous and interactive way. This change was made in response to a lot of the helpful feedback we received last year.

We've been pleased with the results so far: our new camera allowed a wider view of our presenter team, and adding a host enabled us to create a more relaxed atmosphere, similar to our in-person retreats.

Another new addition this year is our Webinar 2, which will be held on March 28th, covering the other points in Easwaran's eight-point program (registration is now open!). We hope you'll join us in March, or at the two-part series being held again in September/October in 2015 at a different time zone.

If you've attended a BMCM webinar, we'd love to hear from you! Share you thoughts in the comments below. What has your experience been viewing the webinar? Does satsang work over the internet?