2 Years Later: How Does Community Help You?

"Wherever people gather for selfless ends, there is a vast augmentation of their individual capacities. Something wonderful, something momentous happens. An irresistible force begins to move, which, though we may not see it, is going to change our world. In this lies the power and the meaning of spiritual companionship." – Eknath Easwaran

In December of 2012, the BMCM formed the Young Adult (YA) Outreach team and tasked that group with reaching out to new audiences and supporting current YAs. During our early planning we tossed around a lot of crazy ideas, did a lot of sky's-the-limit thinking and one day we said "what about a blog?" In April of 2013, the blog was launched!


Originally, we thought this would be a 3–6 month endeavor, but this month marks our two-year anniversary and we are so pleased to be able to continue to share stories from YAs around the world as well as content from Easwaran on YA topics.

Our goal with this blog is to share the YA community with a broader audience, and to provide support and inspiration for passage meditators of all ages (though especially for YAs). Easwaran has always been clear about the important role that spiritual fellowship plays in our practice and in our interaction with the wider world – re-read the top quote for a thrilling reminder. In the spirit of this quote, we want to gather stories about spiritual community. To celebrate, this week we're asking to hear from you! 

In the comments below, tell us about an instance where spiritual community has impacted your life. This could be in-person fellowship, online interactions, retreats, or even just reading the blog. We encourage YAs and non-YAs alike to comment below. (You can expand the comment section by clicking on "Comments" at the very bottom of this post and scrolling down.)

We're eager to hear about you and your community!