A Passage for September

To carry over the mantram theme from last week, we decided to choose a passage for this month that focuses on repeating the mantram. 

In this passage, the mantram is referred to in several different ways: “the sweet name of God,” “His holy name,” “Father Compassionate,” and “His name’s thunder.” This reflects the various terms used for the mantram across the world’s cultures and spiritual traditions, such as “Holy Name,” and “prayer word.” 

This passage reminds us that repeating the mantram in good times (“with beaming face”) will help us remember to repeat it in times of great need (“when danger stares in your face”). 
Join us this month in memorizing or putting into rotation “Chant the Sweet Name of God” and may its words inspire us to increase our collective mantram usage!

As always, feel free to share in the comments which lines you find striking, how this passage might inspire you, or any other thoughts. We love to hear from you.

Chant the Sweet Name of God – A Song of Sri Ramakrishna

With beaming face chant the sweet name of God
Till in your heart the nectar overflows.
Drink of it ceaselessly and share it with all!
If ever your heart runs dry, parched by the flames
Of worldly desire, chant the sweet name of God,
And heavenly love will moisten your arid soul.

Be sure, O mind, you never forget to chant
His holy name: when danger stares in your face,
Call on Him, your Father Compassionate;
With His name’s thunder, snap the fetters of sin!
Come, let us fulfill our hearts’ desires
By drinking deep of Everlasting Joy,
Made one with Him in Love’s pure ecstasy.