Hanging On To Balance

Here at YA Blog HQ, we've found with the onset of fall in the U.S. our workloads have increased and we’re struggling to hold onto a balanced schedule. Though our actual daily schedules vary, we know they're balanced when we have time for morning meditation every day, time for regular exercise, time to put into our spiritual practice and personal relationships, and generally aren't rushing around.

We were discussing strategies for staying in balance within our team, and many of our ideas came from old YA blog posts and we wanted to share some this week.

First we remembered Jeremy’s post about slowing down and the concrete examples he gave about how he approached creating space in his day.


Abhijeet’s post about choosing passages specifically to deal with difficult situations reminded us how our daily work situations are awesome places to apply passages.

Though we don’t have to travel for work, a couple of us have rather variable schedules and re-reading Adam’s post about strategizing for meditating during travel helped us think creatively to ensure we always get our meditation in (even in a car or hotel room!).

Our conversation turned to Kate’s recent post about approaching life as a holiday. We love Gandhi’s quote about being always on vacation and, though it doesn’t always feel like it, think it’s a great approach for our daily lives.

Finally, we recalled the small experiments Nikhil and Fleur shared. This was such a good reminder that it’s the small things that make a big difference in our day-to-day lives!

We’re still looking for more inspiration! What strategies do you use to preserve a balanced schedule?