Easwaran: Good Will, Good Health

This week we’re featuring an audio talk given by Eknath Easwaran in 1989.

In this talk Easwaran explains the connection between training the mind and improving our physical, mental, and emotional health. He illustrates how meditation and the eight points can be used both to increase our vitality and to help us overcome negative emotions such as anger and ill-will.


As we were reviewing this talk within the blog team we noted that as we start listening to an Easwaran audio talk it often takes a few minutes for us to adjust to his slower pace of speaking. But we realized that this process is really helpful! Just listening to Easwaran speak makes us aware of the fast pace of our thoughts – it helps to calm our minds and slow down our thinking process.

We would love to hear your thoughts on the talk in the comments below. Did you get any tips for good will or good health from the talk?

Happy listening!