Eknath Easwaran: An Uncluttered Mind

Last month we shared an article from the Blue Mountain Journal titled “Simple is Beautiful” which included the following quote from Easwaran:  

There is a close relationship between a house full of possessions and a heart full of desires, between a cluttered closet and a crowded schedule, between too much activity inside and too much outside, between having no place to put possessions and having no priorities for our life. These are precious clues.”

This tie between an uncluttered life and an uncluttered mind is so intriguing! We were curious to learn more about this relationship and found this audio talk from 1984 in which Easwaran talks in detail about how clutter and attachment impact the workings of the mind. Easwaran gives examples of how meditation and the other points can help declutter both mind and home.

We’d love to hear your thoughts on the talk in the comments below. Share any insights from the talk, and any ways you’ve been able to use the eight-point program to remove clutter (mental or physical) from your life!