Video Interview: YA Thoughts on the Book Passage Meditation


You may have noticed from our interview with the BMCM Editorial Team and our recent excerpt of the new Q&A material that we are quite excited about the upcoming release of the new edition of the book Passage Meditation on September 6th. This week is no exception, and we're pleased to share with you a video interview with some young adults about their experience with the book.

Passage Meditation contains the core of Easwaran's teachings, and for many passage meditators around the world this is the book that launched their spiritual journey. To get at why this book is special and to explore what this book has to offer, we asked for some help from our young adult community. We interviewed five young adults and asked them to share their experience of reading the book for the first time, and how it has influenced their life since.

We'd also love to hear from you! In the comments below, please share what you remember from your first read of Passage Meditation, and any advice you'd want to give someone reading the book for the first time.