"Deepening Meditation" & "The Goal of Life"

The YA Blog Team just finished a weeklong retreat with the theme "Deepening Meditation." We'll tell you more about the retreat and the conclusion of the 2015 Cohort Program next week, but we wanted to share the theme as food for thought first!


Dillon Beach, California site of mantram beach walks during the weeklong retreat.

This week, as we ease ourselves back into our daily lives after the retreat, we've been revisiting the Easwaran mp3s on the blog and have been re-listening to Easwaran's talk "The Goal of Life" which we posted in the beginning of 2014. Obviously the topic has been inspiring, but we've also enjoyed how Easwaran's slow way of speaking in this talk has helped us keep our minds slowed down.

We invite you to join us in re-listening to the Goal of Life Part 1 and Part 2. We'd love to hear your thoughts in the comments below. If you've listened before, we'd be especially interested if anything new stands out to you!